State of translations - 3.5

Foreman 3.5.0-rc1 has been out for about 2 weeks and I’m finally getting to the state of translations. This is later than usual and that’s because this is the first time I’m doing a release as release manager. My apologies for that. Normally I’d have released rc2 this week, but I didn’t get to it due to the translations. Schedule wise we would release 3.5.0 in about a week and a half, but I’m starting to think about an additional RC, to give people a bit more time.

Anyway, the state of translations is always an overview of all languages and their percentages. Note the percentages are for Foreman and all plugins, including Hammer.

Language Language code Percentage
Bengali bn 2.80%
Bengali (India) bn_IN 3.69%
Catalan ca 28.90%
Chinese (China) zh_CN 93.61%
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 46.99%
Czech (Czech Republic) cs_CZ 43.95%
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL 12.00%
English (United Kingdom) en_GB 9.73%
French fr 91.81%
Galician gl 11.14%
Georgian ka 89.37%
German de 88.52%
German (Germany) de_DE 5.48%
Greek el 14.63%
Gujarati gu 4.34%
Hebrew (Israel) he_IL 0.74%
Hindi hi 3.81%
Italian it 38.56%
Japanese ja 95.62%
Kannada kn 3.69%
Korean ko 45.83%
Marathi mr 3.70%
Odia or 3.83%
Panjabi (Punjabi) pa 3.72%
Polish pl 23.00%
Portuguese pt 0.10%
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 82.35%
Romanian (Romania) ro_RO 0.11%
Russian ru 49.51%
Slovenian sl 2.46%
Spanish es 85.43%
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE 14.30%
Tamil ta 2.80%
Tamil (India) ta_IN 3.66%
Telugu te 3.69%
Turkish tr 1.22%

Then we also have Just Foreman

Language Language code Percentage Included in Foreman
Bengali bn 0.55% :x:
Bengali (India) bn_IN 2.84% :x:
Catalan ca 45.36% :white_check_mark:
Chinese (China) zh_CN 96.40% :white_check_mark:
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 53.98% :white_check_mark:
Czech (Czech Republic) cs_CZ 49.75% :white_check_mark:
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL 26.77% :x:
English (United Kingdom) en_GB 7.85% :white_check_mark:
French fr 96.40% :white_check_mark:
Galician gl 20.23% :x:
Georgian ka 92.96% :white_check_mark:
German de 93.91% :white_check_mark:
German (Germany) de_DE 6.09% :x:
Greek el 10.17% :x:
Gujarati gu 3.60% :x:
Hebrew (Israel) he_IL 1.55% :x:
Hindi hi 3.02% :x:
Italian it 50.64% :white_check_mark:
Japanese ja 96.40% :white_check_mark:
Kannada kn 2.84% :x:
Korean ko 54.03% :white_check_mark:
Marathi mr 2.86% :x:
Odia or 3.05% :x:
Panjabi (Punjabi) pa 2.89% :x:
Polish pl 51.75% :white_check_mark:
Portuguese pt 0.05% :x:
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 85.61% :white_check_mark:
Romanian (Romania) ro_RO 0.24% :x:
Russian ru 66.01% :white_check_mark:
Slovenian sl 1.02% :x:
Spanish es 97.85% :white_check_mark:
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE 27.53% :x:
Tamil ta 0.55% :x:
Tamil (India) ta_IN 2.81% :x:
Telugu te 2.84% :x:
Turkish tr 3.05% :x:

If you are native speaker of any of the above languages, and wish to contribute to the translations, please to take a look at Translating - Foreman for details regarding how to do so. The process is quite simple through an easy to use web application which displays the strings to translate and requests for input. Any active translator who wishes to become a coordinator or reviewer for their language please get in contact. For example, comment here.

If you think some languages should be added or if we should stop pulling translations for some of the languages that perhaps have low translation rate, please let us know below.


I’ve already sync all translations for Foreman itself:


I’ve started to automate syncing translations. The script is not ready to be shared yet, but I’m using Foreman landscape as leading to determine which plugins need to be synced.

I did make some adjustments to the process:

Some things I’m still unsure about, but the main thing is that it automatically adds new languages with >= 50% translated.


I noticed that there’s shared infrastructure to pull in translations, but it’s been broken for a long time:

In many plugins it was broken while some have opted not to use the shared infrastructure. It’s my intention to do a round of translation updates, but I won’t get to it before RC2.

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Doing a new round to pull in more translations.

First of all, my script is progressing but I’ve started to file issues where I couldn’t get it to work (migrate/seed) out of the box:

Now for the plugins:

I’ll note that in a lot of places I see %%{var} instead of %{var}. I wonder if there’s some mistake in tooling somewhere.