Release Team meeting 2023-07-12

This meeting overlaps with some Red Hat internal meeting, so it’ll happen by posting comments here. A quick overview for Foreman. I’m looking at @lfu, @cintrix84 and @iballou to provide any updates on the Katello side.

Foreman 3.8

Foreman 3.7

Foreman 3.6

This could be a good moment to release those changes in Foreman 3.6.2

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I saw the wrench icon when creating the post:
Katello 4.8.3 release process.
But did not see it any more and could not edit it again.

@lfu you have trust level 3, but there’s a window where you can edit your posts (5 minutes I believe). Perhaps you tried it after the edit window expired?

I can also make the whole category wiki by default, which actually matches most posts anyway so perhaps that’s something we should do.

For now I’ve made it a wiki.