Release Team Meeting 2024-02-26

Foreman 3.10

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Katello 4.12

In today’s meeting we primarly discussed the currently ongoing Foreman 3.10 & Katello 4.12 RC 1 releases, but also Katello 4.11.1. They are all stuck on the Chromium + chromedriver 121 memory leak. This has been blocking all of our CI (including regular test suites). It’s solved with 122, but that’s not available everywhere yet. For release specifically we need It already has the required karma to be promoted to stable, but that only happens daily. While we can download the RPM and provide it via our own repos, it’s decided to wait.

We also discussed the new GitHub board (Foreman 3.10 branching and RC1 · GitHub). This was primarily created as a way to keep track of open issues/PRs during a workflow. In the past I’ve added notes to the workflows but that wasn’t ideal. This may be better, even though we haven’t figured out exactly how we want to use it.