Katello 4.12 Branching Process

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Four Weeks Prior to Branch Date: 2024-01-23 to 2024-01-27

Release Owner

  • Start attending upstream release sync meetings and giving updates
  • Announce upcoming branching to Discourse development category a month before
  • Update Katello Transifex translations:
    • Create a Transifex account and join the Foreman team
    • Spin up a Foreman and Katello installation
    • Configure the Transifex client
    • Install grunt
    • grunt i18n:extract in the katello/engines/bastion_katello directory
    • tx pull --minimum-perc 50 --all in the katello directory
    • make -C locale tx-pull in the katello directory
    • grunt i18n:compile in the katello/engines/bastion_katello directory
    • bundle exec rake plugin:gettext[katello] in the foreman directory
    • bundle exec rake plugin:po_to_json[katello] in the foreman directory
    • make -C locale commit-translation-files in the katello directory
    • Add any uncommitted translation files and open a PR to Katello (no Redmine issue needed)

Three Weeks Prior to Branch Date: 2024-01-30 to 2024-02-03

Release Owner

  • Ensure that issues requiring installer changes are merged

Two Weeks Prior to Branch Date: 2024-02-06 to 2024-02-10

Release Owner

  • Commit the settings file to the theforeman-rel-eng repository. See an example here
  • Add tool_belt config for new release:
    • Create a new yaml file using the nightly Katello config as a template: tool_belt configs
    • Manually update the following sections:
      • releases: update to current release. Move the previous ‘current’ release to prior_releases below.
      • prior_releases: Remove the oldest prior_release (check with that release owner first to see if there’s a reason it should stay)
      • repos: Update branch names to current versions, including any new releases that need to happen
      • ignores: Delete all items from this list and start fresh (this will be used for cherry-picks later)
      • tags: update Katello version number in all values. Check the nightly config to see if any tags/repos need to be updated
    • Open a PR to tool_belt with the new config file
  • Coordinate with installer maintainers that expected changes are completed.
  • Review the Foreman schedule and planning (example) and note the date of the first scheduled release candidate.

Branching: 2024-02-20

Release Owner

  • Create the KATELLO-4.12 branch using branch_project
  • Push the KATELLO-4.12 branch using branch_push
  • Bump versions to 4.13-master using develop_branch_bump
  • Push version bumps to 4.13-master using develop_branch_push
  • Bump Katello related packages to their next versions
  • Generate and post the release procedure, if not already posted:
  • Prepare “Katello Next” and future redmine versions
    • Rename the “Katello Next” release to Katello 4.13.0
    • Recreate the “Katello Next” release and indicate that it is a placeholder for issues belonging to the next version of Katello
    • Create the “Katello 4.12.1 TODO” custom query using the last one as a template