Remote Execution not being used despite being set as default

Administer > Settings > Content :
Use remote execution by default: YES

With the above setting, the default action (install package, update errata) is still trying to use katello-agent, and tasks are failing (as katello-agent is not installed).

Select a content host and navigate to Packages > Installed
Search for packages (e.g. ‘iwl1000’) and click ‘Remove Selected’ after selecting package.
Nothing will happen on the host

Expected outcome:
Expected actions to use Remote Execution over katello-agent

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 1.22.0
Katello 3.12.3
Foreman_remote_execution 1.8.2


If you goto a single host and do an action and use remote execution does it work?

Is the SSH key for foreman-proxy on the clients in the authorized key file? I would be curious to see what it does with the first thing I mentioned, and to see if we are getting a trackback in the /var/log/foreman/production.log


Yes the actions work when I manually do a ‘Remote Execution’ when available, using the foreman-proxy ssh key. As the logs are quite long, I’ve put them on pastebin with a 1 week expiry:

Apply Errata
Package Install
Installed Packages - Remove Selected

The last one just stays on ‘Pending’ in the browser page, and after 10m I’ve cancelled it.

Action Type: Remove package
User: admin
Started At: Aug 22, 03:16 PM
Finished At:
Parameters: iwl1000-firmware
State: running
Result: pending

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@imphocused I will start looking into this and test here to see maybe if some regression slipped in. The logs that you posted look good with 0 tracebacks, so will test and report back

Hi @imphocused,

I spun up 2 clients and followed this article to get REX going:

I was able to get it working correctly by selecting 2 hosts:

I did set the default as rex and I do see the same behavior as you are seeing, it still tries to use katello-agent. Can you file a redmine issue for this?

Thanks for troubleshooting. I’ve submitted the same as a bug report:

Thanks! @tbrisker can you move that issue to Katello? I tried but I don’t have the perms in redmine to do it. Once there it can be triaged accordingly


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