RFC: Job invocation detail - new updates


We’re currently in the process of implementing the job details page that we shared with you a few months ago (view here). Thanks to the feedback we’ve received from different sources, we’ve made a couple of enhancements.

We’re still very interested in hearing your thoughts on the following design solutions:

  1. Open all failed runs in the separate tabs

We’ve introduced an action button to open failed jobs related to specific hosts in separate tabs. (Please note that this feature won’t be enabled if there are around 100 or more failed hosts. It will be sufficiently explained in the UI) The opened tab will display just plain text - nothing fancy (but easy to copy).

We’d like to know if this straightforward code-based approach meets your needs, or if you’d prefer a more comprehensive interface. The current functionalities will be accessible through the expandable table on the main page. You can still filter via UI and then expand rows to see details or open a separate (plain) tab.

How do you feel about this solution? Do you have any concerns?
Do you need full or partial UI (e.g. just buttons) in a new tab?

  1. Templates Preview (may vary by host)

This feature has been incorporated into the expandable table where job details are displayed. You can switch to a template preview.

Do you use the template preview? What is your primary use case? Do you compare template previews between hosts? Is this solution clear and user-friendly for you? Do you have any concerns about this solution?

We value your feedback, so please share your thoughts in this thread. Thanks to your feedback we can improve Foreman and its experience.


I think I still am at my standpoint, “it’s a matter of how fast the page and the log loads” :slight_smile:

The “Open all failed runs” for sure is helpful! But what if it’s a weird script where you can’t trust the output to throw an error, or it’s just output? Is it possible to select all hosts (or specific once) and press this popout button on the left to the rerun button and it will open all of them in seperate tabs in the background? (if yes, plenty enough option IMO)
Personally I don’t have a requirement for a seperate page, it can also be a full popout (expand button like for the job template editors), which can get directly browsed to by a query parameter (directly pops out, but that’s most likely slower), just if the loading speed of a seperate page is really noticeably faster, it might be necessary. This is not only helpful if you want to use them as a bucket list, for systems to look at , but also for the job invocation links on the host page, which right now just link to the full job.

Template previews, rarely but still sometimes used here, mostly to look up which exact commands were run by host, i.e. which errata got installed. Tbh, a pretty clear and easy solution as seen in the mockups and these pictures :slight_smile:

Thank you once again for investing so much time in these studies!

While driving our efforts to use more Ansible roles we noticed, that it would be helpful if the status would not only say success for Ansible, but instead (if at least one has changed/failed show that state) or additionally (ok|changed|failed), as replacement without the count or as additional with the individual count.
The benefit would be to be easily able to find systems where changes happened.