RFCs-in-hiding & accepting RFCs

Firstly we have a few discussions that have gained popularity, and probably should be moved to the RFC section so that the history of these things is all in one place. I’m thinking e.g. Improving the UI documentation seems popular…

Second, we haven’t settled the process of accepting an RFC. We’ve tried numerous times to sort this, and we always hit the same problem - discussions dying out with no conclusion. I’d like to propose this process:

  • When ready, the RFC author can post a poll to the topic, to get votes on whether to accept the RFC
  • Vote is open for a week at least, longer if needed (low votes, close to 50/50 split, etc)
    • add a “voting” tag to the RFC so that open votes are easy to find
    • I will see if I can add a link to the header bar too (should be doable), alongside Latest/Top
  • If the vote passes, the “accepted” tag is added to the topic by a moderator
  • If not, the author can incorporate feedback to make the RFC more acceptable

The vote can be skipped if it’s really obvious (eg the UI docs topic has no -1s), and of course nothing stops us changing our mind if something serious comes up.

@tbrisker asked if we could get an overview of open polls - I haven’t found a way to do that yet (still thinking about ways), so for now I propose a use of tags (since they can be sorted/filtered/notified on).
(The last one is optional to be honest, it’s just so you could filter on “Accepted” to find something big to start working on :slight_smile:)

There’s some busywork on this, but I volunteer to keep an eye on the RFC category and apply appropriate tags, if need be. Does this feel like a workable option?


Nice little afternoon challenge to Google up the correct howto, so here you go:

Sadly the red highlight stays on Latest, but the filtering by tags works :slight_smile: - I think I’ll go add an “Unsolved” button to the Support forum… :wink:

Nice, just to let you know, I volunteered to move active RFCs from our github rfc repo into Discourse, but I haven’t find time to do this. Anyone is more than welcome doing that so we can close and deprecate the repo. RFCs on discourse work good I think.

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I’ve added a task to my TODO for that, although not super-high priority. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll also go through and tag anything that’s done/voting when I have a moment.