Rh-cloud upstream account association

I am using the foreman-plugin-rh-cloud to sync Insights data. Now I wonder to which upstream account this is linked? I have found a user account called cloud_connector_user in the user management section, but no relevant information.

Or is the association done by the Subscription Manifest which I have included in Foreman, or the upstream account to which the Foreman server itself has been registered (not the same in our case).

The association should happen using the subscription manifest.

cc @Shimon_Shtein who can give you more insight on this one.

Thanks, I found the following introduction video also interesting: Deep dive: foreman_rh_cloud plugin

@LiohMoeller feel free to ping me if you have more questions.

BTW: The Cloud Connector use case is needed if you want to manage your hosts from console.redhat.com. Otherwise the recommendations sync should be enough to run remediations from Foreman.

Yes, that’s clear. The issue I have is that the upstream rh_cloud account where the hosts should be synced to is not the same as the one the Manifest has been generated for. An option to provide an alternative Upstream account would be great!