Ruby 2.2 and 2.5 support


as Ruby 2.2 is scheduled to get desupported upstream-wise end of March
2018 and the RPM packaging is moving to Ruby 2.4 with tfm-ror51 I'm
proposing to drop Ruby 2.2 tests/support (latest) after 1.17.0 is
released to conserve CI resources. Any objections?

About the same time I'd like to get Ruby 2.5 added, as Ubuntu 18.04 is
highly likely to bring Ruby 2.5 per default and the 1.18 release should
support that.



Michael Moll



I noticed that some core tests are failing on 2.5 in the discovery job:,ruby=2.5,slave=fast/

Is Ruby 2.5 already stable and green? I don’t see this behavior on core tests. I don’t understand why we do see discovery (core) tests failing when core is green.


There might be different code paths taken in Rails with Ruby 2.5. I’ll try to reproduce this locally with Ruby 2.5 and will fix it the one or other way.

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BTW, Ubuntu 18.04 will come with Ruby 2.5, but as 1.18 branching is happening very soon and quite some things regarding supporting a new Ubuntu release are still to do (mostly in the puppetlabs-* module space), I’m targeting rather Foreman 1.19 for this.

Thanks, any observations so far? I am going to spend some time in the Monday morning - I need to get discovery tests green again. It’s a race we can’t win.

I have no idea about the cause, but I think after adding a config/as_deprecation_whitelist.yaml to _discovery with all the deprecations, tests would be green again. However, I’m still seeing at least one error consistently on MySQL, see here (scroll down for the yaml) and here.

Thanks for the safemode fix, it’s been merged upstream. With the fix, discovery tests are green again. @rabajaj

Cannot find the MySQL error you refer to tho.

finally :slight_smile: this is great news! thanks @lzap @mmoll

I mean, it was green locally, not on jenkins - we need the safemode version bump and then hopefully - not sure about MySQL yet :slight_smile:

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