Sync ubuntu endpoints with Katello repo without using a subscription manager

Problem: Is it possible possible to sync Ubuntu endpoints with a katello repo without using a subscription manager? I’ve setup multiple repos, which are accessible by going directly to the repo in a browser. I’m running into issues with the endpoints properly finding any packages to update. Through research, I do know that I will have create a signing script to ensure the release.gpg is properly configured. Currently I have the katello repo added to an endpoints sources.list file with the argument [trusted=yes]. The endpoint is able to scan the repo, but when trying to upgrade the packages the endpoint doesn’t detect any packages.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to use ATIX subscription manager because we still have Ubuntu 18.04 in our environment.

Expected outcome: Ubuntu machines are able to find and upgrade packages from Katello repo.

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman: 2.5.1 Katello: 4.1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version: Centos7

Other relevant data:

I’m not really aware of any other possibility, than using the subscription manager package from Atix.

This information might already got hidden by the mass of messages, but you should be able to use the Debian 10 subscription manager from Atix for Ubuntu 18.04 :ok_hand:t2:
You might want to look at the first messages in this thread: Subscription Manager for Debian & Ubuntu on

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So it should be possible to attach repositories using the http-URL instead of https. However, you need to install the pulp_deb_signing.key on your client.
This is because all packages are synchronized to katello (optionally with checks of the gpg-key) and then signed by pulp again. This key has to be installed on the clients to trust the repositories.
Other than that the Release/Components like (xenial main) are changed (usually to default all).

But using the subscription-manager is the better way than to configure each repository on its own.