The EL7 deprecation checklist

Owners: @upadhyeammit, @Zhunting , @evgeni
Target Release: Foreman 3.4

  • The Leapp changes,
    • Make Leapp bits available through the the repository for EL7 to EL8 in place upgrade
    • Documentation for Leapp upgrade process
  • Documentation changes,
    • EL8 documentation updates
    • Release notes update for nightly and then Foreman 3.4
    • Removing the EL7 installation and upgrade steps
    • Removing any other EL7 related references from documentation
  • Pipeline changes,
    • Stop building server packages for EL7 for nightly
    • Stop building server packages for EL7 for Foreman 3.4
  • Changes in Koji infrastructure to deprecate EL7,
    • Changes in mash scripts
    • Anything else?
  • Cleanup the EL7 repositories Foreman and Plugin repositories from

Would it make sense to capture this in a Redmine issue? At least some of this work must be done in foreman-packaging.git and that has a Redmine project attached.

I think we should also specify that it stops building the server packages. I assume the client repository will remain.


For sure, updated the list and created tracker : Tracker #34759: EL7 deprecation tracker - Packaging - Foreman

Tying some conversations back:

These both imply changes in Puppet modules. Like puppet-foreman doesn’t make sense if there are no packages for it. Most of the modules now have acceptance tests. They’ll clearly show if it’s broken or not.

Considering the amount of changes we require for deprecation of EL7 the task has been moved to Foreman 3.4 release instead of 3.3.