Trends and statistics plugin

Post The Road to Making Puppet Optional by @tbrisker mentions in point 10. extracting trends and statistics to separate plugin.

I’ve started a trello board to track this effort. We plan to remove these from foreman core in release 2.2. If you will want to use this funcionality from that point on, you will need to install plugin foreman_statistics.

If you wish to follow or even help this effort, use the board as reference, I’ll keep it up to date. If you have any suggestions or concerns please share them here as soon as possible. Once the repository for the plugin is created, I’ll update this thread.


Can you also update this post here? It makes following easier if we have to look only at one source for everything. Only having the biggest steps here would be enough. Thanks!

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Have you considered a Github project? We haven’t used them, but I’d be happy to create and give you permissions. That also makes it easier to follow since it doesn’t require yet another platform.

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I’m definitelly up for it we could even to start the plugin directly there :slight_smile:
I wanted to move it under theforeman org only after the plugin’s in some shape, but there is no real reason to it :thinking:

Let’s do GitHub project :+1:

There’s now a statistics team:

It should have access to the repo: