Ubuntu 20.04 support

Not a question, but it came up in IRC a few times so sharing here for visibility.


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When 1.24.3 with this patch will be released?

At the release meeting today we decided to do 1.24.3 right after 2.1 RC1 is out, so in about two weeks.

In the meantime, you can manually patch the /usr/share/foreman/app/models/operatingsystems/debian.rb file on your system with the change from:

and restart Foreman.

@tbrisker I’m on Foreman 2.0 - can I use that same cherry-pick to get early 20.04 support?

I went ahead and tried it and it seems to work just fine…

Unfortunately the resulting machine doesn’t seem to boot properly. Hmm.

Gets stuck at “/dev/sda5: clean”

Okay, likely not an issue with Foreman - I’m using Proxmox and found that if I set the graphics card to VMware compatible everything works fine. Not sure why that would affect things as I’m using the server, not the desktop.

1.24.3 has been released with the fix, we are currently planning on releasing 2.0.1 that will also include this fix next week.