Ubuntu Foreman/Katello Not showing Applicable Packages


I recently setup a Foreman 2.4/Katello 4.0 server to replace Spacewalk and everything works as expected with CentOS Hosts. I am wanting to add some Ubuntu Hosts in. I have added all the Ubuntu Repos and Synced them. I followed the guide at http://apt.atix.de/ and I am able to register the Ubuntu VMs and see them in the foreman server. On the Ubuntu VM I am able to see and use the Foreman Ubuntu Repos. My issue is that the Ubuntu Hosts do not register upgradeable packages to the Foreman server and I therefore can not push out updates from Foreman to the Ubuntu VMs. This looks to be because there is no Katello Agent for Ubuntu. Is there a way to get this to work or are there any plans to get this working in the future?


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I only read the title, but that is enough to say, that applicable Ubuntu packages are not being showed because that feature has not been merged to Katello yet (let alone released): Add Deb Package applicability by m-bucher · Pull Request #8277 · Katello/katello · GitHub

Given that the underlying DB function that was blocking this feature has now been merged, with any luck, we will see some progress soon!

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Is there any update on this thread? I do see the same behavior

According to the ticket associated with the now merged PR, the APT applicability feature is part of Katello 4.3.

If you are using Katello 4.3 and still having problems with APT applicability, it is time to open a new thread describing in detail what you did, what worked, and what did not.


I have the same problem on katello 4.3, please see.

I updated katello from lower version, maybe i have to create new repo fo Ubuntu.
Maybe structure in DB is bad ?

I also faced the same issue on Katello 4.10 with Ubuntu 22.04 and 20.04. For me, running subscription-manager repos, on the client, updated the available packages on Foreman. But I tested this on Katello 4.10. It might work on older versions as well.