Using plugin DSL for registering plugin translations

a PR extending the plugin DSL[1] with method for registering plugin’s translations has just been merged. The docs are available here[2]. Before this change, it was up to each plugin to register its gettext domain from an initializer, which won’t be necessary anymore. This is a breaking change - plugin:gettext[$plugin] rake task will not work for plugins which don’t register translations using this new method, however it will make our life easier with the whole situation around translations and assets precompilation.

With that being said, I’ll try to send out patches to plugins to adapt them to the new way, but in case I miss some, please do make changes in your plugins in the spirit of [3]. Once the fixes are in, having them released as soon as possible would be appreciated.

[1] - Fixes #36331 - Expose translation registration in plugin DSL by adamruzicka · Pull Request #9692 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub
[2] - foreman/how_to_create_a_plugin.asciidoc at d9e8331586995e2dd5b925b7194383573f836ab1 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub
[3] - Fixes #36332 - Use plugin dsl for gettext by adamruzicka · Pull Request #713 · theforeman/foreman-tasks · GitHub