Welcome to the Foreman forum!

Welcome to the Foreman forum! We hope you’ll enjoy your stay, and be a part of our awesome community. This thread will help you get started.

Participants in the Foreman Community are expected to adhere to the Community Guidelines.

What is this website?

This is the Foreman Community Forum. Here you can ask questions, help others, participate in development discussions, find out about plugins, see what events are happening, and so on. Anything to do with Foreman and it’s community is on-topic here.

How do I get help?

In general, questions should be asked in the Support category. A few tips will help you get the best support:

  • Remember that most of the participants on this mailing list do so voluntarily.
  • Search the docs and this forum before posting a new question.
  • Eric Raymond’s How to ask questions the smart way is a good reference
  • Use the formatting features (Markdown) of Discourse to format code and logs that you post.
  • Be patient, it may take time for someone to respond to your question. In the meantime, keep researching the issue.
  • Follow-up on the responses you receive and share your solution.
  • Consider helping others in the future.

Can I use email instead of the web interface

Yes! To protect ourselves from spam, you must first reach “Basic Member” status (also called Trust Level 1) - this is achieved by spending about 15 minutes browsing topics and posts. After that, you can email users AT community.theforeman.org for the Support category, and dev AT community.theforeman.org for the Development category.

Please see our Mail Notifications primer for more details

Why can’t I delete my account?

As with mailing lists, once a message is sent it is part of the public archives. This means that the idea of deleting accounts is kind of tricky. However, your account can be anonymized - if you require this, please contact an admin.

Meet the Moderators & Admins

We currently have a few people helping out with moderation and site admin duties:



As the community lead, @gwmngilfen is your first point of contact, but please feel free to message any of us if you have questions or concerns about anything here on Discourse. If you see any posts with objectionable content, please use the Flag Post option and we’ll look at it as soon as possible.

(Thanks to the Chef Discourse FAQ for the inspiration for this FAQ!)