Archiving old Debian/Ubuntu releases


as discussed in Archiving old Debian/Ubuntu releases? and multiple InfraSIG sessions (most recently Infrastructure SIG Meeting Notes 2021-03-04), we’re going to archive old and unsupported Debian and Ubuntu packages.

What does that mean in detail?
If you’re running Foreman 2.0 or later: nothing will change just yet, but read on.
If you’re running an older Foreman release: you’ll have to change your sources.list entry to point to a different URL (replace with Mind you, those release are not getting any updates whichever URL you’re getting them from, so please try to upgrade ASAP!

When will it happen?
We’ll move pre-2.0 packages to the archive ( on 2021-03-08.

What will happen in the future?
From now on we’re planning to regularly move old releases to the archive. We plan to keep the two supported, plus the last two unsupported releases on the main server, and then move them off.
That means that once 2.4 is released, we can move 2.0 to the archive.