Big provisioning libraries update and test



I’ve heard that for fixing GCE support, we’ll need to bump fog gem to >= 2.0. Also Azure support would need it. That will potentially have an impact on all compute resources. At the same time, I proposed to update fog-aws and I’ve seen fog-libvirt was recently updated. It seems like there’s a lot going on at the same time.

I think we should merge all the changes ASAP as it’s shortly after the branching. I also spoke with our QE and they volunteered to help us testing all compute resources on nightlies. In order to coordinate all of this, I’m starting this thread where I’d like to keep the list of related PRs and testing status.

If you have some related work to this, please update the main post or let me know to update it.

Planned changes:
update fog to 2.1.0
update fog-aws
update fog-libvirt
update fog-google
update fog-ovirt and
fix GCE support @kgaikwad
finish Azure provisioning @apuntamb


  • VMware network image bootdisk
  • oVirt network image
  • libvirt network image
  • openstack image
  • aws image
  • GCE image
  • azure image

I hope to get it all :slight_smile:

Foreman 1.22 schedule and planning
Google cloud compute ressource: header field value cannot include CR/LF

what about (Additionally, I would suggest to move this plugin to theforeman project at github)


We also ship rackware compute resource in core, no idea if it is working or not but the fog gem seems not very maintained - - so i think we need to either take it over and update it or extract it from core to a plugin.
regarding proxmox - @Bernhard_Suttner do you have contact with the author? we need their cooperation to move it to the foreman organization, as well as making sure a couple of other details are handled, iirc making sure there is packaging for it and giving theforeman user ownership on rubygems (@ekohl or @Gwmngilfen might recall if there are other requirements).


(maybe it would be a good point in time to move foreman_fog_proxmox to theforeman project - @tristanrobert)


Good news!


We’ll need @tristanrobert’s help to move the repo (which could be forked, but obviously better not to) and to have community access to the gem (which has no other workaround). If you’re interested @tristanrobert, then I can let you know what’s needed :slight_smile:


I have tried to transfer ownership’s repo to theforeman organization, but I don’t have permissions in this organization.


Indeed, we have a process. I’ve sent you an invite to the Transfer team on GitHub. Once transferred, I can make a team and add you as an admin.

For the gem, could you add as an author of the gem? It’s only in case of “bus-factor” :slight_smile:


I have transferred repo to theforeman/core team.


Thanks, I’ve created the team, added you to it, and given it admin rights. You should basically be able to do anything you could before :slight_smile:. Just need the gem authors now.

Any volunteers for being on the GitHub team?


Thanks. I will update authors gem soon.


I am not sure if someone is still using Foreman with Compute Resource Opennebula, but our Managed Service team has switched to OpenStack, so will probably not test and fix it.


Gem is published with foreman team author added.