Foreman 1.22 schedule and planning



With 1.21.0 coming soon, it’s time to talk about timelines and features for 1.22, since we’re nearly at the half-way point already.

1.21 was branched on January 14th, and to keep up our 3-month release cadence that would mean we should branch for 1.22 on April 14th.
As before, we will be doing a stabilization week prior to branching to ensure we have working nightlies when branching. Larger changes should be merged as early as possible in the release cycle, to ensure enough time to fix bugs prior to branching. As we near the branching date, I will ask your cooperation in focusing more on stabilizing and bug fixing and less on new features.

Proposed schedule for 1.22:

Event Date
1.22 Dev Start January 14th
1.22 Half Way Point March 1st
1.22 Stabilization April 7th
1.22 Branch April 14th
1.22 RC1 April 17th
1.22 RC2 April 31st
1.22.0 May 14th :crossed_fingers:

Like with the previous post, I’ll make this one a wiki so we can collaborate on the list of features people want to see in this release. Please update the list below with any major changes you plan for this release so everyone is aware of them.

Suggested features for 1.22:

Foreman plugins that closely follow the same schedule (Please add others you think should be in):

Katello 3.12:

Azure Plugin Missing/Broken?
Heads up: Four weeks to 1.22 stabilization period

We are doing downstream localization, and I have extracted the latest strings into Transifex. How can I ensure that every plugin does a transifex refresh as part of the release process?


Updating translations is a part of the plugin release process. Since plugin releases are done by the respective plugin maintainers, this is the responsibility of the various maintainers. You can see the latest source update dates on transifex (may require account to see the details).
If any plugin maintainer needs help updating strings or pulling the latest translations, please let me know.


And if folks look, Chinese and Japanese is near 100%