CfgMgmtCamp 2024

Configuration Management Camp is the event for technologists interested in Open Source Infrastructure automation and related topics. This includes but is not limited to: Open Source Configuration Management, Provisioning, Orchestration, Choreography, Container Operations, and many more topics.

Foreman will be there with a stand, one or two days full of talks in its own community room and a fringe event on Wednesday.

If you want to submit a proposal, the CfP is open until 2023-11-15 23:55 (Europe/Brussels). There is also a poll planned on topics by our community manager @nofaralfasi by end of the month if you need an idea for a talk!


I confirmed my accepted submission today, so we will have a Foreman Beginner Workshop again on Wednesday. This time I wanted to focus more on Content than Provisioning.

Official description:

The workshop will give an introduction to Foreman and an overview over its components. We will install Foreman with Katello using Forklift which requires Vagrant and Virtualbox or Libvirt or on a virtual machine running CentOS Stream 8 prepared by the attendee. Based on this installation we will create our own mirror for CentOS and Debian packages and introduce staging with a content lifecycle. We will talk about additional requirements for doing the same for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Suse Linux Enterprise Server. To complete the topic we will have a look at how to use the mirror and the staged repositories during provisioning and to manage updates for the systems.

Additional topics will be based on the interest of the attendees and available time.

So if you are new to Foreman or the Content management provided by Katello, I will be happy to have you there! See you in February!

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I got two talks in, so expect to see me in Gent :slight_smile:


My talk was also accepted. It’s only traditional the opening talk for the Foreman room (which I assume will be there) where we give a quick update of what happened since the last cfgmgmtcamp and a look ahead.


The schedule was released yesterday and we have so much talks that there are some in parallel if nothing changes.

The Foreman talks:

  • Foreman community update by Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
  • CVE scanning of Foreman hosts by Bernhard Suttner
  • Foreman Ansible by Nofar Alfassi
  • Patch reporting with Foreman by Jan Bundesmann
  • Maintaining over 80 Ansible modules: 8 years later by Evgeni Golov
  • Mastering Server Management with Foreman by Leos Stejskal
  • Resource Management with the Foreman Resource Quota Plugin by Bastian Schmidt

The Katello talks:

  • Unlocking Katello’s Deeper Potential by Ian Ballou
  • Content Management Automation With Katello by Ian Ballou

The Pulp talks:

  • Secure your Delivery Chain by Matthias Dellweg & Dennis Kliban
  • Efficient Container Image Management with Pulp and Pull-Through Caching by Lubos Mjachky
  • Ansible squeezed my Pulp by Stefan Joosten

And the Workshops on Wednesday:

  • Revamping Host creation form: Let’s fix stuff together! by Maria Svirikova
  • Foreman Beginner Workshop by Dirk Götz
  • Pulp User Group Meetup by Dennis Kliban

And there are many more good talks from related communities or other interesting topics, so register if you have not yet, as public registration is also open now: Registration


As I was not able to say good bye to everyone, I just want to say here thank you to all of you who made this again a great conference. I was happy to see all the familiar faces and also all the new ones! (As a fun fact @stdevel and I managed to meet the first time in person after knowing each other from the internet for a minimum of 6 or 7 years!)

I attended nearly all Foreman/Katello/Pulp talks and I love all the passion shown and also me being able to spread the word further with the workshop which 15 people completely new to Foreman attended!

I hope everyone has arrived home safely and we meet each other next year again. Or on this year’s Foreman Birthday event which @Bernhard_Suttner and ATIX will take care of.


It was a pleasure meeting many from the community. Looking forward to a great Foreman Birthday party event - and of course the next CfgMgmtCamp. :slightly_smiling_face:

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