Release Team Meeting 2024-01-31

Present: @ekohl (chair/notes), @wbclark, @Zhunting, @qcjames53

Those looking for last week’s notes: the meeting was cancelled due to some Red Hat internal meetings overlapping and there was no urgency.

Today’s meeting was a bit less structured because @pcreech was out and none of us prepared an agenda.

Foreman 3.10 / Katello 4.12

@qcjames53 posted the Katello branching process and has started to work on it: Katello 4.12 Branching Process
The Foreman branching process should be posted too.

It wasn’t explicitly called out in previous meeting notes (only implicitly), but we will be shipping with Pulp 3.39.

@qcjames53 indicated he’ll have RHCE training next week, but only in the (US) morning. @ekohl will be at CfgMgmtCamp 2024 so that only leaves US folks present. It may be useful to move it to a later time slot.