Google Groups migration complete - Welcome to Discourse!

(Apologies if you get this twice, I had to restore a backup from before this post was written…)

The migration from Google Groups is now complete! Here’s a few notes for users who are just incoming:

  • The starting guide is here
  • If you just want release announcements, there’s an RSS link for that in the [category description]
    (About the Release Announcements category)
  • Check out your notification settings for both UI and email preferences
  • Any category can be set to Watched (notify on every post), Watching First Post (only notify for new topics) or Tracked (get post counts in the UI). These may be useful in customizing what you see by email and via the UI
  • Existing threads will need at least one post to go out by email so you have something to reply to (the in-reply-to email addresses are unique to the post and the user) - so you may need to stick to the UI to finish up existing threads.
  • New threads can be created by email if you prefer that to the UI, use dev@ or

If you’ve been on the mailing list a long time and changed email addresses, you may have duplicate users. I can merge these for you, just drop me a private message and we can work it out. You can also (for now) edit your forum nickname from the autogenerated one.

Welcome to the new community! Bear with us in case of early teething issues, but I think we’re going to like it here… :slight_smile:


A few people have pointed out that the email subject prefixes are a bit long.

I’ve reduced [TheForeman] to [TFM] in an attempt to make it a bit more readable (the prefix character count is then similar to the old lists) - if you have any subject-based filters for your email, you may want to update them!