Monitoring Foreman with Prometheus via statsd

Although Foreman can be configured to expose internal telemetry data via both statsd and prometheus, due to issue in ruby_client prometheus library, the only possible way currently is via statsd. Here is how to do it.

Download Prometheus and statsd_exporter. In this turorial, let’s use binaries directly for simplicity and /tmp directory to store configuration. This is not recommended for production deployments, install from distribution packages or via containers and pay attention to firewall (statsd use UDP protocol) and SELinux.

For production deployments, always install statsd_exporter on the Foreman host and Prometheus on a remote host. In this tutorial we are using the same host.

tar xzvf statsd_exporter-0.18.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz
tar xzvf prometheus-2.23.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz

Now, generate mapping file for Foreman metrics so statsd_exporter handles labels and types correctly:

foreman-rake telemetry:prometheus_statsd output=/tmp/statsd_mapping.yml

Start the exporter, by default it listens on TCP/UDP 9125 and metrics are exposed on 9102:

./statsd_exporter-0.18.0.linux-amd64/statsd_exporter --statsd.mapping-config=/tmp/statsd_mapping.yml

Configure Prometheus:

  scrape_interval: 15s
  evaluation_interval: 30s

- job_name: foreman
  - targets: ['localhost:9099', 'localhost:9102']

Start Prometheus, use port 9099 instead of 9090 for Katello deployments (9090 is already used):

prometheus-2.23.0.linux-amd64/prometheus --config.file=/tmp/prometheus.yml --web.listen-address=""

The final step is to configure Foreman to send telemetry data to 9125 (UDP):

foreman-installer -v --foreman-telemetry-statsd-enabled true --foreman-telemetry-statsd-host

That’s all, Foreman 2.3 exposes the following metrics:

Metric name Labels Type Description
fm_rails_activerecord_instances class counter Number of instances of ActiveRecord models
fm_rails_audit_records_created type counter Number of audit records created in the DB
fm_rails_audit_records_logged type counter Number of audit records sent into logger
fm_rails_bruteforce_locked_ui_logins counter Number of blocked logins via bruteforce protection
fm_rails_config_report_metric_count metric counter Number of config report status metrics
fm_rails_failed_ui_logins counter Number of failed logins in total
fm_rails_http_request_db_duration controller,action histogram Time spent in database for a request
fm_rails_http_request_total_duration controller,action histogram Total duration of controller action
fm_rails_http_request_view_duration controller,action histogram Time spent in view for a request
fm_rails_http_requests controller,action,status counter A counter of HTTP requests made
fm_rails_importer_facts_count_input type counter Number of facts before imports starts per importer type
fm_rails_importer_facts_count_interfaces type counter Number of changed interfaces per importer type
fm_rails_importer_facts_count_processed type,action counter Number of facts processed (added, updated, deleted) per importer type
fm_rails_importer_facts_import_duration type histogram Duration of fact import (ms) per importer type
fm_rails_importer_facts_populate_duration type histogram Duration of fields population (ms) per importer type
fm_rails_ldap_request_duration histogram Total duration of LDAP requests
fm_rails_login_pwhash_duration algorithm histogram Duration of password hash algorithm
fm_rails_proxy_api_duration method histogram Time spent waiting for Proxy (ms)
fm_rails_proxy_api_response_code code counter Number of Proxy API responses per HTTP code
fm_rails_report_importer_create type histogram Total duration of report import creation
fm_rails_report_importer_refresh type histogram Total duration of report status refresh
fm_rails_ruby_gc_allocated_objects controller,action counter Ruby GC statistics per request (total_allocated_objects)
fm_rails_ruby_gc_count controller,action counter Ruby GC statistics per request (count)
fm_rails_ruby_gc_freed_objects controller,action counter Ruby GC statistics per request (total_freed_objects)
fm_rails_ruby_gc_major_count controller,action counter Ruby GC statistics per request (major_gc_count)
fm_rails_ruby_gc_minor_count controller,action counter Ruby GC statistics per request (minor_gc_count)
fm_rails_successful_ui_logins counter Number of successful logins in total

Histograms are mapped to histograms or summaries, depending on mapping configuration. This can be changed as needed.


Make sure to use for the endpoint where Foreman should send UDP packets. Do NOT use localhost because first resolving hostname for every UDP communication is slower, but also this can sometimes resolve to IPv6 address which can have unexpected results (e.g. in containers).

If metrics are not showing up, allow ports 9099 and 9102 (e.g. firewall-cmd --add-port="9102/tcp" --add-port="9099/tcp") and visit /metrics URL to confirm. Check Foreman configuration, make sure to restart the service. Check firewall (docker/podman has some bugs around UDP redirection) and check SELinux.


very useful

In case you want to keep your filesystem clean where you are running Foreman, you can run statsd exporter in docker.

# docker pull prom/statsd-exporter
# docker run -d -p 9102:9102 -p 9125:9125 -p 9125:9125/udp -v /tmp/statsd_mapping.yml:/tmp/statsd_mapping.yml prom/statsd-exporter --statsd.mapping-config=/tmp/statsd_mapping.yml --restart unless-stopped

Tnx @lzap. This is working great.

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If anyone happen to have some dashboard to share, please do it in this thread. Thanks!

Yes, the one I created directly for Prometheus metrics will also work with this setup Foreman -> statsd/prom exporter.

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