How to organize Foreman monitoring?

I wonder, if there any best practices or tutorials for Foreman monitoring? May be good grafana dashboard template or something else.
May be anyone have good cases. Let’s discuss :slight_smile:

Have a look at the following thread: Foreman proxy plugin monitoring with Icinga

Thanks for reply but it doesn’t look relevant to me. I want to monitor Foreman itself, metrics about requests per seconds, timeouts, query time and so on.

It sounds you’re interested in performance monitoring. See if this helps. Here’s the deep dive recording. It’s a bit dated and I think @ehelms planned to update that and perhaps include grafana, not sure if there’s some progress already. There’s also this tutorial.

If you’re more interested in Foreman’s health, e.g. how many tasks are stuck or how many hosts are in red state, it was discussed at this thread Monitoring Foreman with Prometheus via statsd.

Hope that helps.