RFC: Github Profile for Foreman and Katello

Yesterday we discussed many different topics after the Birthday Event. One that came up was user barriers and one I identified was the Github landing page(s).

Github has a feature for a while called Organization profile READMEs

An example can be found at Pulp · GitHub

I would put this on my agenda if noone is already working on this. And I already have the go to utilize our marketing team including graphic design, so it may take longer but give me a better result.

So now my question what to add? My idea for Foreman would be:

For Katello I would do similar, but of course we need another picture and some links will differ.


Not something I’ve discussed publicly, but I’ve also suggested to some people to move all git repos from Katello into theforeman. These days there are not that many repos and it simplifies management.