Development   RFCs

RFC: Run Foreman with Puma and an Apache Proxy in Production (20)
RFC: Use Extra Katello Triage Time to Revisit Stale Issues (4)
Sending Jenkins build failures to Discourse ( 2 ) (26)
RFC: Search box to browse the menus (10)
RFC: Add "Managed" into interface overview (3)
Handling timeout requests on ovirt (6)
Enumerating Foreman Scaling Issues (17)
Containerizing the Foreman Ecosystem ( 2 ) (28)
Containers: Deployment and Architecture (8)
Nightly Packaging Unification Proposal (9)
Containers: Upgrades (8)
Labels applied by prprocessor in Foreman core (4)
Serve TFTP files via a router (6)
RFC: UEFI HTTP booting (13)
Require 2FA for GitHub organization members ( 2 ) (23)
Releasing Puppet modules via Travis (9)
Content view import/export (12)
Changing routes for Foreman help (7)
Pulp 3 migration (17)
[RFC] Improved auto-attach through System Purpose (2)
RFC: Drop -c flag from wget on TFTP proxy (10)
Introduce a Foreman Client Repository (5)
Drop "stable" link in Deb repos (6)
What objects do you use foreman_hooks with? (11)
ARM builds - what should we do? (12)
RFC: Foreman facter (16)
Move GCE to a plugin (6)
Redmine Plugin Spec (9)
RFC: Bare Metal Provisioning with M2 in Foreman (10)
RFC: Rename Bare Metal in Deploy on menu (15)